Artist Note

This play is one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever worked on. There was no such thing as a tepid response to this piece. During the preview weeks, we gathered backstage to share overheard audience reactions and I'll never forget watching Edward Albee's delighted, wicked smile as he enjoyed the stir he caused!

The costumes were good quality WASP uniforms. I felt the key was to make Martin (the husband who falls in love with a goat) completely normal and trustworthy looking. He wore a nice blue shirt, his prep-school tie and a good tweed jacket with khakis. His wife Stevie needed to be really feminine but also have that old money look. We wanted this couple to be picture perfect before all hell broke loose.

By the time I dressed Bill Irwin and Sally Field when they took over the lead roles I had become an expert in the cashmere stores on Madison Avenue!



By Edward Albee

Directed by David Esbjornson

Set Design: John Arnone • Lighting Design: Ken Posner

Cast: Bill Pullman, Mercedes Ruehl, Jeffrey Carlson and Stephen Rowe. (later with Bill Irwin and Sally Field)

Photos: Carol Rosegg