Artist Note

This production at Huntington Theater had an unforgettable cast led by Will Lyman and Karen MacDonald. It was a joy to do one of Arthur's early pieces after having worked with him on two of his last plays ("The Ride Down Mt. Morgan" and "Resurrection Blues"). And with the support of their brilliant costume shop, I had the chance to do my best work. Check out the results in the video!





By Arthur Miller

Director: David Esbjornson

Set Design: Scott Bradley・Lighting Design: Christopher Akerlind・Music/ Sound Design: John Gromada・Projection Design: Maya Ciarrochi Hair/ Wig Design: Jason Allen

Cast: Andrew Cekala, Ken Cheeseman, Diane Davis, Stephanie DiMaggio, Owen Doyle, Spencer Evett, Karen MacDonald, Dee Nelson, Will Lyman, Lee Aaron Rosen and Michael Tisdale.

Photos:  T. Charles Erickson