Artist Note

We were so proud of this production. Christian Camargo was brilliant in the title role (and needless to say, a dream to dress). The set designer Antje Ellerman created a cold world of slick black floors and veiled corridors for spying. Sven Ortel’s sensitive projection designs added constriction and nightmares.

Our company was chosen for the complex qualities they brought to their roles. As always, I began by meeting with each actor before rehearsals started, so I could get to know them and hear their ideas for the characters. This is one of my favorite parts of the process and an invaluable tool as I memorize each person’s face and body and then crystallize all of our best ideas into their design.

The clothes were modern dress with angular lines in a sterile palette of silvery greys, with Hamlet, of course, in the deepest black. Then, after a long deprivation of color, the play-within-the play costumes came on in blazing red. It was an exhilarating, dangerous moment and my nod to the life force of our art form.



By William Shakespeare

Director: David Esbjornson

Set Design: Antje Ellerman • Lighting Design: Marcus Doshi • Projection Design: Sven Ortel • Sound Design: Jane Shaw

Dramaturg: Michael Feingold • Fight Director: B.H. Barry • Women's Costume Construction: George Hudacko

Cast: Christian Camargo, Casey Biggs, Alyssa Bresnahan, Alvin Epstein, Jennifer Ikeda, Graham Hamilton, Jonathan Fried, Robert Stattel, John Christopher Jones, Tom Hammond, Richard Topol, Craig Pattison, Sean Haberle, Ryan Quinn and Scott Drummond.

Photos: Gerry Goodstein and Marcus Doshi