Artist Note

For this piece, Sally challenged me to create a band of dancers with a primitive but club kid vibe. She had done an early section of the piece before, making wonderful vinyl chaps. (Sally is a fantastic costume designer as well as choreographer.)

I decided on a rusty-earth palette for this incarnation and my associate designer Julie Fischoff made new chaps and wild accessories. We had mylar visors, hairy ruffs, foam humps and a spandex hood that sprouted a dancer’s ponytail. My favorite detail was unplanned; we had sewn clear vinyl patches to the front of the dancers’ tops, and when they began to sweat, the vinyl fogged up in fuzzy patterns like little TVs. This was the kind of inspiring, collaborative, alchemical design process I live for.



Choreographed by Sally Silvers

Set Design: Yumi Kori • Lighting Design: Phillip W. Sandstrom • Sound Design: Bruce Andrews

Cast: Sally Silvers, David Thomson, Jamie DiMare, Noemi Segarra, Karen Sherman, Julie Atlas Muz, Cynthia Fieldus, Amy Lee, and Mark Robison.

Photos: EH Clancy