Artist Note

Actual Size was a mesmerizing piece Sally made with inspiration from her favorite Hitchcock movies. She asked me to use solid, neutral colors since video projections by Ursula Scherrer would be projected on the dancers throughout the piece. For the ensemble, I chose menswear colors from the train station crowds in North by Northwest: navy, grey, teal and olive. Mimicking the mesh of our projection screens, I dyed power net for the women’s skirts (reinterpreting the late 50s hostess trend of split skirts over capri pants). Melissa Toogood’s slicing, spiral kick in one movement inspired the asymmetrical hems. Sally’s photo-printed organza coat felt like the eerie bubble projections. Check out the video of these wonderful performances!





Choreographed by Sally Silvers

Video Projections: Ursula Scherrer • Text & Sound: Bruce Andrews and Michael Schumacher • Lighting: Joe Levasseur

Cast: Sally Silvers, Dylan Crossman, Carolyn Hall, Luke Miller, Alicia Ohs and Melissa Toogood.

Photos: Paula Court, Brian Harkin