Artist Note

The main fun in designing Private Lives is creating contrast between the two women, Amanda (who is chic in a sleek, modern way) and Sybil (who is more conventionally feminine and frilly.) The show is set in 1930; a wonderful moment in time that still has a lot of the twenties in it. The Seattle Rep shop made all of the women’s clothes and two of the men's suits (thanks to tailor Joan Powell and first hand Laurame Smith). The men’s tuxes were rented from London.

It was a dream to work on this sexy, deeply personal play by a brilliant man.





By Noel Coward

Directed by Gabriel Barre

Set Design: Walt Spangler • Lighting Design: Howell Binkley • Hair/Wig Design: Joyce Degenfelder

Cast: Rob Breckenridge, Suzanne Bouchard, Nikki Coble, Allen Fitzpatrick and Lori Larsen.

Photos: Chris Bennion