Artist Note

This was a beautiful production at George Street Playhouse, done in partnership with Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. I wanted perfect, film-quality antique clothes, since they would be the main element onstage to help the audience time travel to turn-of-the-century New England. Of course, some pieces had to be reproduced so they would hold up in performance, and Esther Arroyo and Julia Kosanovich in the costume shop blew me away with their precise patterning and speedy sewing. (I challenge you to guess which clothes are old and which are new!) We had one suit made and the rest I excavated from rental houses. I restrained my palette to go with Riccardo Hernandez' austere set. As always, I felt lucky to be able to find finishing details in Helen Uffner's beautiful collection. Flawlessly lit by Scott Zielinski and with moving performances by students and professionals alike, it felt we had done justice to this great play.





By Thornton Wilder

Director: David Esbjornson

Set Design: Riccardo Hernandez • Lighting Design: Scott Zielinski • Sound Design: Ted Crimy • Hair/Wig Design: David Bova and Jared Janus.

Cast: Pico Alexander, Kati Brazda, Aaron Ballard, Justin Broido, Sean Cullen, David Discenza, Wally Dunn, Boyd Gaines, Christopher Gibbs, Dalton Roger Gray, Nate Kaufman, Matthew Kuenne, Matthew Lawler, Annie Rutherford Lutz, Mary McLain, Kathleen McNenny, Christian Navarro, Timothy Regan, Shazi Raja, Brandon Rubin, Christine Sanders, Lee Sellars and Michael Shaw.