Artist Note

Doing this incredible, terrifying play with a perfect cast and Michael John Garces directing was a complete joy. For such a dark play, the company spent rehearsals gleefully perfecting their hilariously disturbing physical business. I visited all my favorite thrift stores to search for perfect grungy elements of the look of this down and out band. I had the idea that like the apartment walls, Speed, the friend who has passed out on the floor, had been drawn on with markers by whoever passes through. Staples and Chase were color coded to match their pills, up and down, like a children's book. Lynch was a yeti-like bear man and the downstairs neighbor Gray was a mouse-like corporate underling. My happiest day was spent sitting in the sunshine on the stoop of the theatre, mixing vomit paint for distressing the snowsuit!



By Adam Rapp

Director: Michael John Garces

Set Design: Van Santvoord • Lighting Design: Ben Stanton • Sound Design:  Eric Shim

Cast:  Connor Barrett, Robert Beitzel, Michael Chernus, Ray Rizzo and Paul Sparks.

Photos: Sandra Coudert and Ben Stanton.