Artist Note

This was a beautiful production. I responded to Neil Patel’s cloudy white and silver set by dressing everyone in a simple white palette, with silver for the men’s armor and gunmetal for their boots. The only color was the outsider Tarquinius’ red. The Narrators wore modern concert dress in black. The fabrics were all layered sheers. I researched Roman clothing and combined the historical dress with modern couture, primarily Armani, for a sense of Italian luxury. I was thrilled when Eric Winterling agreed to execute the costumes.





By Benjamin Britten

Stage Director: Christopher Mattaliano • Conductor:Julius Rudel

Set Design: Neil Patel • Lighting Design: Mimi Sherin

Cast: Jessie Hinkle, Amanda Nisenson, Dawn Kasprow, Sharla Nafziger, Amanda Crider, Shanna Lesniak, John Bischoff, Michael Rice, Brian Dore, Jennifer Goode, Laquita Mitchell, James Schaffner, David Gordon

Photos: Carol Rosegg